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WoLF Tickets @WomensLibFront

So I have to say, again, that I had hoped to be out of this conversation in 2015, which I have this talk at the last Michfest. But this is what happened… I am uninterested in recounting why I am … Continue reading

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“Don’t Be An Asshole. Be A Lady” – The Unrelenting Misogyny of #anonymous

Joseph Johnson is a North Carolina-based Men’s Rights Activist with Anonymous. He supports the action of #anonymous to publish a sex tape of the rapper Iggy Azalea because she made stupid and racist statements. He sent me 12 voice mails on … Continue reading

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Denver Southers @SativaAvena @DenverSouthers Is A Man & He Wants You To Coddle Him

Denver, you are a Man. And you are an abusive Men.

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That Transgender Chick Is A Man

Oh Randy.

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FtM Transgender: Why I Quit Testosterone

“Testosterone did not bring me closer to the truth. It just helped to mask the pain.”

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Nancy Boy

I don’t know this guy, but he has a lot of feelings. He started out as a guy named Neal, apparently. He transitioned in 1993. He worked real hard to get Facebook to take down a pro-Woman, pro-Lesbian Facebook page … Continue reading

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Trust Your Perceptions, This Is A Violent Man

Ryan Fortney is a Man who regularly harasses Women online who disagree with transgenderism. I recently ran across a video of him speaking. And I watched it. Women: These Men are Men. Stop telling us they are Women. They are … Continue reading

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Fucking Trans Women #MiraBellwether @harmonysamiruhh

If you think transwomen are actually women, here, read Mira Bellwether’s disgusting zine (he is now charging $10 for it) and, after you bleach your eyes, tell me if you still think transwomen are women.

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Originally posted on RANCOM!:
Lately, I’ve become convinced that politics on the internet is a giant game of telephone. [A] game played around the world, in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line…

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Sex Changes: The paperback

Originally posted on christinebenvenuto:
  With the arrival of the brand new paperback edition of Sex Changes in my mailbox (St. Martin’s Press’ official publication date is November 26) come reflections on the year since the book’s publication. It’s been…

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