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WoLF Tickets @WomensLibFront

So I have to say, again, that I had hoped to be out of this conversation in 2015, which I have this talk at the last Michfest. But this is what happened… I am uninterested in recounting why I am … Continue reading

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“Don’t Be An Asshole. Be A Lady” – The Unrelenting Misogyny of #anonymous

Joseph Johnson is a North Carolina-based Men’s Rights Activist with Anonymous. He supports the action of #anonymous to publish a sex tape of the rapper Iggy Azalea because she made stupid and racist statements. He sent me 12 voice mails on … Continue reading

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The Relentless Homophobia of Transgenderism

Transgenderism is eventually, inevitably, homophobic. Transgenderism is already the “cure” for homosexuality in Iran. It is only a matter of time before the gains attained by the “Gay Rights Movement” with regard to acceptance of homosexuality is undermined by transgenderism, … Continue reading

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