About Gender Fatigue

Over the last 25 years, we have watched this conversation around Transgender rights unfold. The conversation started out as a thought experiment at first. Then, one or two Trans people would show up in our communities. But they were “nice” and “supportive” of Women’s issues, and who really wanted to be the Mean Woman telling them they weren’t Women.

Fast forward to 2013 – It is impossible for Women to organize as Women without having the Trans conversation. It is impossible for Lesbians to date without having to sign a loyalty oath to Ladystick. It is impossible for Butch Women to go anywhere “Queer” without being asked about our transition plans. It is impossible for Women to just be Women and not have to justify our appearance or our existence, even to other Women.

Gender Fatigue.

We have a bad case of it.

10 Responses to About Gender Fatigue

  1. It’s still not an excuse for bashing anything trans, which is what your blog seems to be doing, judging by your homepage.

  2. tnt666 says:

    Hello. I have enjoyed reading this blog and many others that I’ve discovered this year thanks to your efforts. I was also following your FB page (both) which I liked and appreciated, but it seems that I am no longer connected to your page. Is it something to do with a change in settings from your part of has FB caused you more problems? I’m unable to message you there. I have nobody among my FB friends which would be a risk.
    I have a WordPress account, you can maybe answer me there and I’ll give you my FB info to check what happened. I miss your posts there.

  3. Huggie says:

    I’ve been reading your posts and while we are on differing ends of the spectrum, I appreciate your honesty. This is a tough subject for a lot of folk and I find it interesting to hear another viewpoint. I actually prefer folk to be up front, even if it doesn’t sit well with me, at least I know where and how you came up with you viewpoints.

    I have a question: Are you as open to others ideas? Not to adopt them, but to listen to them? What if it was about something fundamental to who you thought you were and they had an opposing opinion? Kinda like, they thought it was a choice to believe or not, or your thoughts are a product of our society going one way or the other?

    “Signs of the times”

    I may be young, so I might be short sighted, but if someone came up to me and said “I want to be called Tuna” I’d call them Tuna. Why should I care? It doesn’t hurt me, but it hurts them when I call them anything other than what they want. When I don’t respect them as a human, forget about all the biological isht, It causes damage to their core being.

    I understand we need to stand together, as a people, no separation (we did that a couple of times, separate does not mean equal. i.e. marriage vs civil unions and racial segregation). We already know they look at all of us (lgbtq) as one big gay ass mess.

    We are all different, so I think we should celebrate our diversity. Not every FTM is a dick, or tries to forget they have a vagina. Just like not every lesbian does oral, its what makes everything lovely (but not the oral thing)

    But I’m easy that way.
    Thanks for writing this blog

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