WoLF Tickets @WomensLibFront

So I have to say, again, that I had hoped to be out of this conversation in 2015, which I have this talk at the last Michfest.

But this is what happened…

I am uninterested in recounting why I am back in now.

I am back in now. And I am back in because Women’s Liberation Front, which describes itself as a “radical feminist organization dedicated to the total liberation of women and girls from exploitation,” is taking hard earned money from Women, many of whom are lesbians, and are using that money to work with organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom, which wants to make consenting sex between adults of the same-sex illegal.

Women’s Liberation Front works with Focus on the Family, which is still super mad the marriage equality won in the United States. Same with the Heritage Foundation.

Women’s Liberation Front works with Family Policy Alliance, which is a group that doesn’t think gay people should be allowed to adopt and supports conversion therapy for gay kids.

There’s actually a lot of information about the groups Women’s Liberation Front is working with online. Another woman put this history together.

Here are some more of the groups Women’s Liberation Front currently works with:

Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity (ATCSI): The ATCSI is a new name for an old organization: the National Association for Research and Therapy for Homosexuality (NARTH). ATCSI thinks homosexuality is a mental disorder and promotes conversion therapy. NARTH had Michelle Cretella as a Board member; Cretella is now the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, an activist group of conservative physicians against gay and lesbian parenting and gays in general. The ACP formed in 2002 in opposition to the American Academy of Pediatricians’ support of adoption by gay parents.

Concerned Women for America: CWA is anti-feminist and anti-gay. CWA equates homosexuality with pedophilia and sexual deviance, attempts to discredit hate crime reporting, and decries supposed recruiting into the “homosexual lifestyle.” Women’s Liberation Front is co-hosting a rally with these jokers on October 8 at the Supreme Court.

Focus on the Family: The conservative Christian group still advocates for conversion therapy, still sees homosexuality as a moral evil, and still lobbies hard to bring a fundamentalist viewpoint to the political process and school boards alike. FoF gets mad if you act on your gay impulses.

I could go on, but it is pretty apparent that the only thing accurate in Women’s Liberation Front’s name is “Front.” Their organization is a sham, a fraud, a fake. Its activities are not aimed at “the total liberation of women and girls from exploitation.” Indeed, this organization is exploiting women’s righteous anger over transgenderism and turning it into a Trojan Horse for anti-gay groups to infiltrate gays and lesbian communities. (BTW, one could do separate posts recounting Women’s Liberation Front’s ties to groups that oppose core feminist issues, like abortion, but I will leave that to someone else).

Women’s Liberation Front has now duped hundreds of lesbians on the internet who are pissed off about transgenderism into thinking allying with groups that want to eradicate lesbians is a great path.

Women have asked me for advice on this. For now, stop giving Women’s Liberation Front your time and money, if you have any respect for yourself as a lesbian or any respect for lesbians at all. Stop feeding the beast.

Let the continued accusations that I am a crybully, narcissist, abuser continue. The transgender activitists weren’t able to shut me up; you people won’t either.





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3 Responses to WoLF Tickets @WomensLibFront

  1. In my work with environmental groups I worked with churches – gasp – and learned there are many advantages to having a single-focus shared issue. Too bad your blog is one-sided and doesn’t include a response on strategy and possible Memos of Understanding for this work for a more rounded and nuanced conversation.

    • Badhbh Catha says:

      lol are you high? This isn’t a “nuanced conversation” unless you want to pretend eating shit is tasty. There are plenty of places to go and get the “other side.” I am not obligated to present it.

  2. dru says:

    There’s a new organization of feminists seeking to amend the U.S. Equality Act to add protections for female people
    So far it looks pretty legit but who knows who will infiltrate it if it starts to catch on.

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