The Relentless Homophobia of Transgenderism

Transgenderism is eventually, inevitably, homophobic.

Transgenderism is already the “cure” for homosexuality in Iran.

It is only a matter of time before the gains attained by the “Gay Rights Movement” with regard to acceptance of homosexuality is undermined by transgenderism, with its mantra that “genitals don’t matter.”

If genitals “don’t matter,” (let’s ignore the vile implications of equating lesbian sexuality to genitals), wither goes lesbians?

Witness the cotton ceiling.

Witness gender nonconforming lesbians classified as “closeted transmen.”

We see your homophobia.

We will not comply with your Lesbian Eradicating Transgender Agenda.


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24 Responses to The Relentless Homophobia of Transgenderism

  1. Gene Dillion says:

    So, even though I never liked women, have dated some but never got on, and like men and am a transman, I’m homophobic? I couldn’t write jokes better than this ROFLMAO Thanks for the publicity, “Buck” <–totally not obvious male moniker cause you wish you could transition like me. We FTMs of all sexualities will welcome you whenever your self-hate is through 😉

    • Who is Buck, Gene?

      • Gene Dillion says:

        You. Cathy “Buck” Brennan was all over your stuff before this happened. Lemme guess, you’re deleting those and not going by it anymore? That’s cute. I don’t care if you try to shame me for being a gay transman. I never liked women and never found interest in their privates. Sorry, I like guys. So, I and anyone with a working brain fails to see the homophobia…unless they look at you. Why do you hate gay men and men so much. Just come out the trans-closet. There’s no need for jealousy. You can come on out and enjoy life with us instead of relentlessly harassing, bullying, and encouraging these behaviors from other women who would be otherwise great allies to women’s rights. If you have a problem, find another way than public mocking or ridicule. We’re adults now, and this playground stuff don’t bother me. Go ahead and make up your lies. Everyone who knows me knows the truth. You’re just giving me free publicity anyway. Thanks btw. Couldn’t have done it without my haters like you. Kiss kiss dovey!

      • You do realize that a homophobic man calls me Buck, and I’ve never called myself that. It’s very easy to dismiss transgender concerns of misgendering when you do it so easily to women who disagree with you. Good luck recovering from your unnecessary medical procedure.

  2. Roach says:

    One day I will look back and say, “Ignorance like this is what caused my aneurysm…”

    • Ignorance like transgenderism is what’s causing a lot of pain for gay and lesbian people.

      • Roach says:

        You seem confused. It is YOUR ignorance that causes me such pain. You are blinded by your fear of what you do not understand and angered by change. I just want to say this and then I will leave: it is OK to believe what you want. If you feel like transgenderism is wrong and unnatural, then fine. No one can force you to believe otherwise. But what you are doing is wrong. It is NOT ok to spread hate and slander. Are you a religious person? If you are, why would a God that preaches LOVE be pleased about you spreading HATE?

      • 1. We aren’t ignorant.
        w. We aren’t afraid.
        3. We understand better than you.
        4. We aren’t angered by change.
        5. Transgenderism isn’t change or revolutionary. It’s more of the same bullshit for women.
        6. Gender is wrong and unnatural.
        7. There is no hate here.
        8. There is no slander here.
        9. Your appeal to God is amusing.

  3. Dane Allen says:

    Once again, transgendered souls must be ridiculed by the gay/lesbian community? Really? Is there not enough of this from the straight world? I would never criticize anyone for being gay or a lesbian and I’m not sure why being trans bothers you so much. Each one of us is just trying to fit into this world in our own way. I lived as a straight woman and then a lesbian. Neither of those were right. I knew inside I was a man. I am attracted to women. How is it interfering with YOUR life because some of us feel differently? Do we not all deserve to have equal rights in this life? If an individual feels better in their own skin by fixing what is wrong, who are you to condemn them for that? In the words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

    • You do realize this person became known to me only when she 1. told me I was a closeted transman and 2. relentlessly trolled me in a homophobic fashion.

      Is a side effect of transgenderism willful blindness?

  4. Cynthia Lee says:

    Well, what about it Cathy?
    How do gay trans masculine people fit into this homo erasure paradigm?
    If the FTM is not into women and prefers men, then where does this person fit into your theory of transgender?

  5. Real RF says:

    Gene you do realise that it’s transphobic to call female genitalia ‘women’s privates’ and state that you prefer male genitalia, according to the trans cult you subscribe to? why would you reject another ‘transman’ ? Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? You’re a het woman.

    • I couldn’t be bothered to reply to her ridiculous comment in more depth. This ideology is toxic and preys on the very stupid, the very hurt, and the very narcissistic.

  6. Cynthia Lee says:

    just gonna let my .02 centavos sit unanswered in the moderator limbo?

  7. inspiciendus says:

    “I don’t know what your deal is, I guess [the husband] he wanted to be gay or something” I just can’t stop laughing. Very funny comment/video, although this lack of sensitivity is probably not helpful as witnessed in the elicited reactions from the said people above, but I don’t think you minded that. So now I’m curious, when you say that transgenderism eventually inevitably leads to homophobia, I think I don’t quite understand you. Yes, in a way, it happened this time, but always?

  8. annabelbaton says:

    I found this heinous “exposé” ( and was disgusted by the author’s shortsighted, myopic view of something she obviously knows little-to-nothing about. This is one reason trans* people, especially women (who this feminist claims to care about), who are already harassed and hurt on a daily basis, kill themselves: they can’t receive warmth and community even among those who should be allies against oppression. I am a non-op trans pansexual living my life and occasionally attacking the words and works of the unjust. Tell me how THAT is “eventually, inevitably, homophobic”? Moreover, I relate to (and would ALWAYS defend) gender nonconforming lesbians! How is THAT “eventually, inevitably, homophobic”? Cathy Brennan (the author) contradicts herself so much she doesn’t even make sense. In the midst of asking the nonsensical question, “If genitals ‘don’t matter,’ wither goes lesbians?” (What?) she admits that equating lesbian sexuality to genitals has vile implications. YES! Of COURSE it does! (Other than her condemnation of a narrow-minded Iranian policy any progressive person would reject as absurd, this admission about the overemphasis of genitals is her one sane point.) Why the question “wither goes lesbians?” then? Brennan has obviously confused the more general, umbrella-term “transgender” with a certain portion of the transsexual population who emphasize total transition and refuse (or seem to refuse) to admit what so many cisgendered lesbian feminists like Brennan wish they’d admit: that because these women are incapable of pregnancy and never experience menstruation, they are qualitatively dissimilar to cisgendered women. In a freer world, disclosures like these would be easier for transsexuals to make. But in the world as it IS (which is to say contemptuous of transsexuality, especially transsexual women, and full of vile ideas that Cathy Brennan and her creepy ilk perpetuate) nobody could or should expect an already hurting transsexuals to “confess” their otherness. Otherness (and I suspect even Cathy Brennan is intelligent enough to know THIS much) is always seen by the masses as an enemy. In the book Queer Judgments: Homosexuality, Expression, and the Courts in Canada, Bruce MacDougall writes, “[John] Boswell distinguishes three categories of minorities: ‘distinguishable insider,’ ‘inferior insider,’ and ‘outsider.’ Gays and Jews have at various points in western history occupied all three of these categories. In modern Canadian society, homosexuals are arguably ‘inferior insiders.’ The goal is to move to the category of the distinguishable insider, as Jews have done. Canada, an inclusive-accommodative society, is a society of distinguishable insiders.” John Boswell has, I claim, ignored a fourth (and important) kind of minority: the Other. Similar socio-politically to the “outsider,” the Other is dissimilar in this way: the otherness of the Other can ignites primitive feelings of dissonance even in “inferior insiders” and “outsiders.” It would, I think, be optimistic to call the U.S. an “inclusive-accommodative society.” Here, non-heterosexual people are not seen as “inferior insiders” but still (nauseatingly) as “outsiders.” As for trans people in The States? We’re seen as the Other: we’re seen, collectively, as uncategorizable and, thus, as viscerally threatening. Thus, for many trans people, SRS and hormones seem to be a needed key, to social mobility, not to mention to feeling comfortable in one’s skin. The reason trans people don’t self-identify as “trans” (instead of female or male) has so much less to do with self-hatred than with the hatred others aim their way. I don’t claim to be a woman or a man or anything but what I am: a transgendered person. As Antony Hegarty says, “I’m transgendered, but I’m living under a male guise. I identify as ‘Antony.’ It’s a ‘man’s name.’ People still call me ‘he.’ So I’m living with a lot of male privilege. I don’t identify as a man, and yet people call me ‘he,’ so it’s kind of a paradox. It’s constricted by the language. If there were a pronoun for a transgendered person I would certainly use it.” Brennan is so self-contradictory I’m not even sure whether an outlook like Hegarty’s would be more threatening or less threatening to the confining social paradigm her and others of her ilk are trying to install. (I can’t even be sure a dullard like Brennan would understand something so nuanced or emancipatory.) Which leads me to my “point,” to the crescendo of my public wail at this World Wide Wailing Wall called the Internet, where so many demoralized souls congregate: What most transphobic so-called “feminists” lack is IMAGINATION. It isn’t that they lack compassion, really…. Even though all their compassion is pointed in the direction of themselves and others like them. It’s that they have absolutely NO imagination. And THIS is why Humanism, and unprejudiced Love, and the honest evolution toward The Good all END wherever/whenever transphobic (or false, in other words) “feminism” BEGINS.

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  10. stchauvinism says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism and commented:
    This woman keeps messaging the page. She thinks it’s insulting and demeaning and hateful that I know she is female and say so.

    Keep telling her she can believe what she wants but I don’t think she’s a man, just a transgender female.

    She seems to equate knowing she is female with thinking she is evil and a criminal. I guess she demonizes others who don’t share her personal beliefs and projects that on others.

    Anyway, just realized where I’ve seen her face before, it was on this blog, it’s a good read.

  11. As a gay man I agree with you Cathy. So many of the trans are toxic to the LGBT. Why are they even linked to us? We are about sexual orientation and they are about gender confusion. They don’t belong with us. I give you a link to a group who wants to T to be dropped from the LGBT. They have a petition that started last November. Here is the link to their web site and they are called lgbvoice.

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