Nancy Boy

I don’t know this guy, but he has a lot of feelings.

He started out as a guy named Neal, apparently.

He transitioned in 1993.


He worked real hard to get Facebook to take down a pro-Woman, pro-Lesbian Facebook page that disagrees with his political analysis.


Which is odd, considering that he says he’s a lesbian.insane

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8 Responses to Nancy Boy

  1. Reblogged this on Hypotaxis and commented:
    Here’s a man celebrating about a Facebook page for women being taken down. It’s nothing if not depressing. “Men win, women lose” — just another day.

  2. druidwinter says:

    I would still consider this a sad guy that only has contact to lesbians through harassing them, He looked better as a guy. Effeminate men are not lesbians. You think that he would love his self. He claims he changed and is happy, but he knows he is trying to be something he is not-he will never really be a lesbian and you struck some cord with him, or he is another that follows the click of male-born stragglers that is bent on harassing actual Lesbians.

  3. Ashley Post says:

    Ashley Post

  4. viffex says:


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  6. Jen says:

    Intersex my ass. Appropriating people’s physical conditions is completely reprehensible. I’ve never seen an intersex person steamrolling women in a typical MtT fashion like this, cuz they’ve actually faced awful shit for their biological sex, too.

  7. Lucie Orsted says:

    I love the comments you’re making on the video. And your voice. You doesn’t sound as terrible as they make you to be.
    It’s true, this “We win, you loose” is so typically masculine. I’ve read his account on “how he morphed himself, took what nature gave him and re-enigineered it into the woman of his dreams”. Oh, Lord. how many things there are to say about this one sentence. “I morphed myself”..just..woa. Clickety click, Barba Trick ! I also love the verb “reengineer”, many men do like to reengineer what nature gives. I think many men think that nature sucks. Can you imagine :first thing, men -all men- are born from the sex of a woman. I mean : What. the. fuck. Something must be wrong. I’m sure they want to reengineer all this stuff too. I know, it is very transphobic of me to even talk about this reality. It’s gonna rock trans-woman to their core.
    And I don’t know what’s worse, when I hear a man talks about morphing into “the woman he feels he is inside” or the “woman of his dream”. Maybe Neal discovered that being the “woman of his dream” would be a bit tedious, so that he came back to the usual “the woman he was inside”. Conveniently, he later says that he “discovered one of the secret to being a woman : it has everything to do with how one “feels inside” and interact with the world and nothing to do with what one wears”.That’s a part that is interesting, and if, for once, a trans-women could demonstrate this point, and say things in accordance, I would maybe reconsider the whole thing. But I’m afraid it also is all a fuckery, because once you say it’s true, then comes the argument :”so, if you agree that it’s all about the way you interact with the world, it doesn’t matter if I have a dick !”. Women can’t win with these clowns.
    Anyway, saying things like “Suck my non-existent cock” (ew) shows a kind of interactions with the world that definetely is foreign from say, the way I interact with the world. The leopard cannot change its spots. The Secret, if ever there is one, is very safe.
    He also says “Most people assume that a person’s gender is something that doesn’t change, so when you demonstrate that something people have believed since early childhood isn’t reality, it rocks them to their core. That why some people hate trans-women”. Well, firstly, gender is bullshit, and I can’t even begin to comprehend people who use the world “reality” as if it meant “perceptions and beliefs toward reality”. As in “My reality is not your reality”. I just can’t.
    The amusing thing is that later he reckons “I wasn’t exactly natural looking. Genetic women have a lifetime to develop their look, style and personality, while in four months the best I was able to do was to look like a catalog picture”.
    What a demonstration. It rocks me to my core.

  8. Seahare says:

    Since lesbians have often been assumed to be women wanting to be ‘fake’ men, it stands to reason men who ‘transgender’ to lesbians are cowardly gay men too afraid to come out to ‘real’ men. 🙂

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