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Hate to break it to you, but Butch and Femme is ALSO Gender

THIS POST FIRST APPEARED AT Much has been written on the butch/femme dynamic and whether it is incompatible with Women’s Liberation. Indeed, much has been written about “the Butch Identity” and “the Femme Identity,” including by Lesbians like Dirt and Bev Jo who are … Continue reading

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Rethinking Gender Abolition

Rethinking Gender Abolition by Pogoniptrail The goal of eradicating gender has become axiomatic for radical feminists over the past several years. Not only the debased role of woman but gender itself–the very concept–has been framed as the root of all women’s oppression. … Continue reading

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Cisterhood Is Powerful

I need to be honest with you, Internet. I am completely bored by the conversation about your gender, your gender identity, your gender expression. I find the endless selfies and YouTube introductory videos disturbing and evidence of a nation in … Continue reading

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Regretters : case study of a gender political chamber play

Originally posted on kitty careless:
Regretters : case study of a gender political chamber play (excerpts from a production study, Clare Havell 2011) Regretters (2010) is a Swedish documentary featuring two men who had sex changes to become women, only…

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Bathroom signs.

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