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This Is Your Life On T

Endless. Stupidity. Even THEY know it’s a joke. Freshly Charles is a Woman. Red Durkin is a Man Julie Blair is a Man. Seriously, can we call this now?

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About A Boy

This isn’t actually “about a boy.” It’s about how “we” are forcing kids to change their bodies to conform with stereotypical assumptions about what is “girl” and what is “boy,” and using the language of “choice” and “support” to justify … Continue reading

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There Is Nothing Natural About This

This is a woman on testosterone.

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Breaking Free Doesn’t Look Like This

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International Women’s Day

For Women. For All Women. For Women Only.

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All Your Gender Is Gender

Start from there, because it is true. Your female body is not an identity. Everything else is an identity and is socially constructed.

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